FX Broker XM Exchange Review

1. XM Broker Information

XM.com Homepage

XM Exchange is a broker based in Cyprus (Cyprus) that allows trading of forex (FX), gold, oil, cryptocurrency, and individual stock CFDs with high leverage.

Languages Supported by XM Brokers

The platform supports languages including English, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Filipino, Bengali, Indonesian, Malaysian, Greek, Swedish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Dutch, Pakistani, Hungarian, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Thai, Czech, Turkish, and Uzbek.

XM Brokers-supported platforms

It supports trading platforms for PC and mobile (Android, iPhone) versions of MT4 and MT5, and allows the creation of a copy trading account that can copy 10 strategies.

2.Advantages of XM Exchange

  • Free bonus (welcome bonus)
  • Deposit bonus
  • Points accrual (site’s own)
  • Copy trading system
  • Cash rebate (Charmmoney support)

1) Trading Free Bonus (Welcome Bonus), Deposit Bonus

Free Bonus

The trading bonus is a system that provides margin that can be traded just by creating an account, given as a bonus item when the account is first opened.

Attention! If you need to use the MT4 platform, do not apply for the $30 bonus on the day you sign up. Instead, after 24 hours, delete the first created MT5 account and open a new MT4 account before applying for the bonus.

The bonus itself does not allow internal transfers. If you keep the first MT5 account as is, the bonus will go into the MT5 account, which cannot transfer the bonus unless there is profit. (However, if you earn more than $5 on the MT5 platform and then transfer internally to the MT4 account, the $30 bonus will follow.)

2) Deposit Bonus

Deposit Bonus

Up to $1,000, 50% of the deposit amount is added, and thereafter, up to $22,500, an additional $20 is provided as a deposit bonus.

For example, if you deposit $10,000, you would receive the following deposit bonus:

$1,000 → $500 bonus

$9,000 → $1,800 bonus

Total $2,300 bonus

This bonus serves as margin that can cover losses but cannot be withdrawn as cash. Moreover, when transferring internally, the transferred amount will move in the same ratio.

3) Cash-like Points Distribution (Membership Program)

XM Membership Grade

XM Exchange awards XMP points for every lot traded, which increases the longer you trade, up to 16 XMP points per lot.

When used as margin, 1 XMP point is equivalent to $0.33, and if withdrawn as cash, 1 XMP point equals $0.025, so it’s better to convert XMP points into margin rather than withdrawing existing cash.

4) Copy Trading System

XM Copy Trade

XM Exchange offers a copy trading feature that allows you to follow someone else’s trades and share your own trading signals with others to make the same trades.

Strategy managers can share their trading and set a fee ranging from 5% to 50%.

Followers copy the trades of the strategy manager and pay a fee. The follower’s contract size is proportional to the strategy manager’s investment.

For example, if a strategy manager trades a 0.1 lot with $1,000 and a follower copies this trade with $500, the follower’s contract size will be 0.05 lot. (Followers can trade less than 0.01 lot.)

5) Cash Rebate (Chammoney support)

By signing up through Chammoney below, you automatically receive a $3 rebate per lot. It’s better to receive a $3 rebate through Chammoney than signing up directly on the website and continue to receive investment assistance.


3. Trading Environment

Compared to other brokers like FPmarket, Vantagemarket, and Tickmill, the surface spread is high, but with XML points and Chammoney rebate, it can operate with competitive spreads.

For instance, you can achieve the following spreads for EURUSD.

XM Broker Spread

Additionally, over 99% of orders are executed within 1 second, and market orders up to 50 lots are guaranteed.

XM Broker Trade Execution

I have been using XM Exchange for several months along with FPmarket, Vantage Market, and Tickmill. There are not many reliable FX margin exchanges that don’t have withdrawal issues. if you earn a lot of money from the exchange, you will lose all profits and principal if you encounter a fraudulent exchange.

Using an exchange that is reliable and improves over long-term use will steadily bring good profits to your trading with stability.

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